2020 in Review

We weren’t consistent with writing on this blog this past year. Maybe watching this video will help explain why (and what we’ve been up to).*

2020 we saw 5 countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Spain, and the USA) on 6 planes. We left a beloved country with the intent to move to another one. Between this move we cancelled our plans (not because of the pandemic) and decided to stay in the USA for our teaching licenses.

I interviewed for 33 jobs while Chris interviewed for 1. Incidentally we both ended up getting the same position. The job broke him and he decided to quit teaching permanently. I’m still pursuing my teaching license.

We’ve lost a family member, a home, visas, work opportunities, some bridges (that we burned), many friends, stability, and our sanity. We know so many have lost so much more.

We’ve gained a new perspective on careers and work, a couple new friends, building skills and an appreciation for what we had and hope to have again.

I wouldn’t say 2020 was a disaster but it was a mess. And it would’ve been even without the global pandemic going on.

*We won’t apologize for the “F bomb” at the end of the video but you have been warned.

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