Stuff your eyes with wonder. Live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

-Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

We’re Chris and Kaeti. We’re English teachers living abroad in  South Korea, Spain (and heading to Japan soon) in America to get licensed.

We love to stuff our eyes with wonder then try to convey that wonder into coherent thoughts. We write about our adventures, struggles, travel tips, teaching ideas, and anything else that we find interesting.

We’ve had many travel blogs before – all specific to our destinations (Germany, Colorado, and South Korea). Now we’re finally just making one blog to contain all our travels.

About Us

We met in a high school, and while people said young love would fizzle out, we stuck together and went to college together. Kaeti had always wanted to expatriate so she pressured Chris to study abroad for a year a year in Germany.

There we learned how we travel together, how to fly Ryanair without fees, and how to see 12 countries on a tight budget.

After graduating we knew there was no way we were ever going to settle down “normally.” So we got jobs as teachers in South Korea (even though we majored in German and International Relations). We worked there for 3 years.

We learned a lot about teaching  – we were both thrown in the classroom and left to our own devices. We also learned a lot about culture and languages, how to survive through typhoons, and how to find an apartment abroad.

We returned to where it all started – Germany – where he proposed. Then we went “home” to the United States to get married.

Wedding selfie!

Since we live abroad we figured we would honeymoon around our passport country.  We turned a small Ford Ranger into a “dirtbag” camper and saw 34 states (here are some posts about road tripping)

Now we’re back in Europe to teach in Spain for who knows how long.

The future holds many possibilities – Taiwan, Australia, Kazakhstan, back to Korea (?!)- who knows. All we know is that so long as we can hike, make a bit of money, and can play video games together it’s home enough for us.