Auxiliares Resources

Here are resources for getting the job and moving to Spain. Specifically through the “Auxiliares de conversación” program.



Moving to Spain

Moving #1 Arranging Your Move 


  1. Plan when you’ll arrive
  2. Plan where you’ll arrive
  3. Book a flight (Tips and tricks)
  4. Book in-country transportation (how to get from the airport to your village)
  5. Accommodation While Apartment Hunting

Moving #2 Important Preparations


  1. Banking – getting euros and how you’ll use your card in Spain
  2. Phone – if you can, and how to bring your phone
  3. Loose Ends – A checklist of everything to do before you leave
  4. Death and Illness – Talk to your family about how you want to find out if the worst happens
  5. Other Worst Case Things– medical checkups and final things to consider

Moving #3 Prepare Yourself 


  1. Learn About Spain
  2. Contact Your School
  3. Create a Map
  4. Start Looking at Apartments
  5. Study Spanish

After Arrival


How to Renew