Post-Covid-Life Crisis

You’ve heard of a midlife crisis or a quarterlife crisis. Now introducing the after-a-pandemic life crisis. As of March 31st the country with the highest Covid-19 cases worldwide was the USA. The country with the highest number of deaths due to Covid-19 was the USA. This all means that 1 of every 17 people in … More Post-Covid-Life Crisis

Summer Quarantine

In a way we were already quarantining before it was cool. We left Spain on February 27th fully mostly prepared to go to Japan. But by March 3rd  we had serious doubts. We didn’t want to quit Japan if we didn’t have any alternative lined up. Why quit something sketchy but at least all ready … More Summer Quarantine


THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN APRIL 2020 long before masks became mandatory and/or politicized. We are choosing to leave it the way it was (no edits/updates) to reflect what we knew (and were told) at the time.  We were all told to NOT wear masks (probably falsely). To be fair it’s easier to tell people … More Masks

The New Plan

In another timeline we would be moving into our new apartment in Japan, and starting a whole new adventure. Instead, we’ve been here: It’s not Japan, but it is pretty cool. In many ways what we are doing in Colorado is as foreign to us as Japan would have been. We have had to start … More The New Plan