Our Viennese Christmas

December 23rd – Eating our way around Christmas Markets We arrived in Vienna at 2 pm (they actually call it Wien hence Wiener Schnitzel, but we’ll call it Vienna).  We’ve been in the Mediterranean for a while and were quite surprised when the sun started setting around three, since the sun doesn’t set in Mallorca … More Our Viennese Christmas

Visiting Alcudia

Two weekends ago was important for two reasons. First, it was my birthday. Second, it was a national holiday in Spain. And because those two events coincided just perfectly, we decided that we needed to do something special to take advantage of it. We both really wanted to go for a hike, so we did … More Visiting Alcudia

Mallorca Monday: Christmas Foods

So you want to feast like a Mallorcan this Christmas? It’s important to realize that Mallorcan traditions differ some from Catalonian/Barcelonian traditions. The people who came over to the Balearic Islands after James the First’s conquest (back in the 1200s) were mostly from Catalonia/Valencia/Barcelona. Those people were isolated on an island so they created new … More Mallorca Monday: Christmas Foods

Go-To Teaching Activities: 5 More Favorite Lessons and Activities

Here are 5 more of our favorite activities. #1 is the best and we’re not going to make you scroll to the bottom to see it. Guess the Characters (Worksheet) Notebook Flaps (Activity) Top 5 (Game) Cootie Catchers Compound Word Game 1. Guess the Characters This is a very elaborate unscramble. The questions can be … More Go-To Teaching Activities: 5 More Favorite Lessons and Activities