The Coast of Misery

It’s actually just called ‘The Basque Coast”, but I like my name for it better. Our hike in Durango hadn’t been super long, just super vertical. When we woke up we felt fine, but later we discovered that our leg muscles were trashed. And of course we had planned a coastal hike right after we […]

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Bermeo and Bilbao

Whoops. This post was supposed to come out BEFORE Durango, but oh well! We arrived in Bermeo after our hike, showered, got a pizza and then watched TV until past midnight. We were tired but not too tired to watch a portly man argue and fight with every school cafeteria across Spain demanding more fresh […]

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We’ve known there was a Durango Spain for quite a while, but we never thought we would visit it. It’s pretty far from everything, and it didn’t look like there was that much to really see there. This whole trip was mostly to eat pintxos and to see Dragon Stone. But being this close, of course […]

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Spain Sunday: Basque Country

We just got back from 11 days in the northernmost part of Spain known as País Vasco (in pink) AKA, Basque country. This is a different place. Like really different (and I’mma bout to tell you why). This is like the Ireland post where we just feel like we should lay out all the facts […]

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Capdepera Medieval Festival

A few weeks back we decided to take a bus up to a small town named Capdepera to see their Medieval Festival. I had never been to a Medieval festival so I didn’t know what to expect. Chris had been to the one near Denver, so he was super excited. We knew ahead of time […]

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Spain’s Best Music Genres

Whether you are living in or just visiting a foreign country I think that it’s always worth getting to know some of the local music. It’s a great way to immerse yourself, and you will always think of your time abroad when you hear those songs again. I also recommend listening to music whenever you […]

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Ireland Part 5: Dublin

Ah Dublin. The city that inspired James Joyce, and gave the world Guinness and Jameson. A city that has countless legends, and some of the best pub culture in the world. It’s also one of the most visited cities in Europe, either top 5 or top 10, depending on your source. Sounds like a solid […]

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