Goodbye Andalucia…

I wrote this with 3 days until we leave Andalucia. But it’s scheduled to post as we’re on our flight to Mallorca. As of this moment we have left Andalucia and are on our way to more, different adventures. Keep in mind that we probably won’t have a steady internet connection for the next month … More Goodbye Andalucia…

The Alhambra

Most of our travel posts in Spain (Almeria, Tarifa, Seville) talk about how difficult it is to get from Martos to the next place. There are almost no direct buses from Martos to anywhere else. So we have to go to Jaen (minimum 45 minutes) then another minimum of 1-2 hours to our destination. Amazingly, Granada … More The Alhambra

Hike: La Peña!

When you drive towards Martos, La Peña is the first thing you see. And even from a great distance, it is impossible to miss the castle sitting on top of it. The name, La Peña, basically means “the promontory”, just a specific geological formation, nothing romantic. La Peña is an awesome thing to live next to. … More Hike: La Peña!


In the US, olive oil is generally a fancy oil that we pull out when we want to make Italian food or a fancy salad. If we want to fry something, we use something cheap like canola. We do this partly because olive oil is a bit expensive, and also because it has a low … More Olives!