The best food we’ve ever had.

Our trip this past winter brought us to both Vienna and Budapest. While both of these cities were beautiful, interesting, and historically significant, only one of them (spoiler, it’s Hungary) had amazing food. Seriously though, Vienna was the most disappointing place for food, we didn’t have a single meal (except maybe the Christmas market and […]

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A Perfect Day in Budapest

This was our last day, and we wanted it to be the perfect day. We were a bit tired of taking chances. We didn’t want to spend our last day walking to a museum, only to find that it was busy or closed, and we didn’t want to have a single bad meal. So, we […]

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Vacation Inception: Visegrad

After spending so much time in the capital getting jostled about by tourists we decided to get out of town for a bit. We did this with more than a little apprehension. Setting aside an entire day for a day trip while on vacation is a bit risky. It’s like planning a vacation while you […]

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Budapest Begins.

Day 1 We had made reservations months ago to go axe throwing at noon. The idea being that we would get an axe throwing lesson, and then get to throw axes at wooden targets for an hour.  We woke up and headed to a waffle restaurant for breakfast, but it wasn’t open until 10:30 (ominous […]

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