Let’s go to France!

San Sebastian’s last gift to us was food poisoning. But only for Chris. He woke up and suffered the all the symptoms associated with food poisoning, but since we had a schedule to keep (checking out, and getting a bus to our next destination) he decided to push through. While K went out and got […]

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Staycation Weekend Part 1

We recently had a long weekend off of school. Carnival (you know, that whole Mardi Gras thing) collided with the Day of the Balearic Islands (celebrating our islands becoming a recognized autonomous community). So we got lucky with Thursday and Friday off. Schools get 2 fun days (like snow days) they can apply to any […]

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Vacation Inception: Visegrad

After spending so much time in the capital getting jostled about by tourists we decided to get out of town for a bit. We did this with more than a little apprehension. Setting aside an entire day for a day trip while on vacation is a bit risky. It’s like planning a vacation while you […]

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We were attracted to Tarifa because of its proximity to Morocco, 2 natural parks, roman ruins and sand dunes. We were mostly looking to hike around the latter 3 and if we were feeling adventurous, take a day trip to Morocco. We were also attracted to its down to earth surfer vibe. It’s full of […]

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