Almunecar (Almuñécar)

Almuñécar is spelled with both a ñ and an é. This involves typing alt + 164 and alt+0233 or copying and pasting the letter every time. Also the accents don’t appear on some people’s computers. Often it looks like Almu^0car. So we’re going to type it without the accents. Sorry!!! International Labor Day was May 1st … More Almunecar (Almuñécar)

Hike: La Peña!

When you drive towards Martos, La Peña is the first thing you see. And even from a great distance, it is impossible to miss the castle sitting on top of it. The name, La Peña, basically means “the promontory”, just a specific geological formation, nothing romantic. La Peña is an awesome thing to live next to. … More Hike: La Peña!