Mallorca Monday: How the Balearic Islands Were Formed

Hawaii is made from underwater volcanoes Come with us 250 million years ago to the Triassic Period (just before your favorite period – the Jurassic one, you know, the one with all the dinosaurs). Mammals looked like this: And the world looked like this:   You may be familiar with Pangea (when everything was one … More Mallorca Monday: How the Balearic Islands Were Formed


The train from Faro to Lisbon was a whopping 5 hours. We arrived late and the apartment we were staying in had locked themselves (and us) out. So we had to stand around and wait for a locksmith to basically smash the door open while the other guests shouted for quiet above us. Yikes. Faro … More Lisbon

Birthday in Gibraltar

We started the day with a full English Breakfast. Yesssss We first had this when we visited London, but what sets it apart? Eggs bacon and sausage are pretty standard for any breakfast. But a British breakfast has beans, and tea. Also, most important in my opinion, is the black pudding. This is basically blood, … More Birthday in Gibraltar