Recipe: Tostada

Tostada is toast. But it is so much more than toast. It’s a really good baguette toasted and served something delicious upon it. Every adult in Spain eats one at 11:30 and half the restaurants have punch cards buy-5-tostadas-get-one-free kind of deals. 1 is super cheap, you can get tostada and a coffee for 2.60 … More Recipe: Tostada

Welcome to Budapest

Being in Vienna is like staying over at your grandparents house – everything is calm, and orderly. The TV is always playing the history channel or the news, the music is all classical, and everything is very predictable. But then you go to Budapest, and it’s like going to your big sisters house. The channel … More Welcome to Budapest

Go-To Teaching Activities: Our Top 5 Favorite Teaching Things

Here are our 5 favorite activities/projects/crafts we swear by. #1 is the best but we’re not going to make you scroll to the bottom to see it. Grid Questions Mini Books Flip Books Picture Searches Drawing Tutorials 1. Grid Questions These are our all time favorite things to do. You only need to print a … More Go-To Teaching Activities: Our Top 5 Favorite Teaching Things


I consider hand turkeys to be the one thing I can 100% say is American. People always say oh hamburgers or pizza but those are German and Italian. The saying goes “more American than apple pie” but apple pie actually comes from England. Baseball? Sure we did invent that one but it’s only America’s third … More Thanksgiving