Summer Short Stories

Last spring we made a little compilation of things we did or saw that didn’t warrant their own blog posts. We’ve been busy since school got out and it feels strange to write so many small, different posts. We’ll summarize what we’ve been up to. School ended Our contracts ended almost a month before school officially ended … More Summer Short Stories

Hike: El Pico

We’ve made a goal to spend our summer exercising, studying Spanish, and adventuring around our area. Part of this list involves hiking every Friday. It’s about 93 degrees every afternoon. So on Hike-Fridays, we get up at 5 in the morning to get a head start. The sun rises at 6:55ish, so by the time … More Hike: El Pico

Hike: La Peña!

When you drive towards Martos, La Peña is the first thing you see. And even from a great distance, it is impossible to miss the castle sitting on top of it. The name, La Peña, basically means “the promontory”, just a specific geological formation, nothing romantic. La Peña is an awesome thing to live next to. … More Hike: La Peña!