Lesce and Lake Bled

We left Ljubljana fairly early in the morning. We walked by the American and Russian embassies which are right next to each other. A fun fact is that this phenomenon doesn’t happen anywhere else on earth – for some reason they’re neighbors in Ljubljana but everywhere else they don’t like to be that close to […]

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If we had had a car, it would have taken just about 50 minutes to get to Segovia from Avila. But we didn’t have a car, so we had to rely on the train network. In some ways, it was nice to be on trains again. It felt kind of like the first time we […]

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Austria Museums Day 1

December 25th We had already celebrated at home before we left so we spent Christmas day museum-ing. Our first stop was the Hofburg. This is but one of 62 former palaces in Vienna.  62 palaces comes out to 2.5 palaces per square mile of Vienna or 1 palace for every 260 people, if you were wondering. […]

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