Recipe: Tostada

Tostada is toast. But it is so much more than toast. It’s a really good baguette toasted and served something delicious upon it. Every adult in Spain eats one at 11:30 and half the restaurants have punch cards buy-5-tostadas-get-one-free kind of deals. 1 is super cheap, you can get tostada and a coffee for 2.60 … More Recipe: Tostada

Spain Sunday: Tortilla vs Tortilla

We’re both sick right now so we need a low-effort Spain Sunday so we can go back to loafing around and sleeping. There is nothing more low-effort than tortilla(s). Tortillas, yum. No not tortillas. Tortilla. Singular. Tortilla in Spain is something different than what you’re probably thinking. When North Americans think of tortillas they’re probably … More Spain Sunday: Tortilla vs Tortilla