Recipe: Tostada

Tostada is toast. But it is so much more than toast. It’s a really good baguette toasted and served something delicious upon it. Every adult in Spain eats one at 11:30 and half the restaurants have punch cards buy-5-tostadas-get-one-free kind of deals. 1 is super cheap, you can get tostada and a coffee for 2.60 […]

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Maribor and Kapustnica Recipe

We only had one day in Maribor. We didn’t really know what to do there but we have been trying to reduce the amount of time traveling. We could’ve taken a train directly from Vienna to Ljubljana but why do that if it goes through Maribor? We could stop, spend the night and enjoy ourselves […]

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Recipe: Empanadas Mallorquinas

We decided to make our second ever Mallorcan recipe! Our first was about Sospiros, which you can check out over here. If you want to skip straight to the recipe, go straight to the bottom, but some of this requires some explanation. We also wrote a bit about the history of empanadas in Mallorca, which […]

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Recipe: Berenjenas Con Miel

Or in English, Fried Eggplant with Honey/Molasses. Miel translates to “honey” but they are shortening “miel de caña” which is actually molasses. It has a lighter molasses flavor but is molasses nonetheless. If you would really rather use honey no one will stop you.  So it seems this dish originally came from the Middle East via […]

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Spain Sunday: Tortilla vs Tortilla

We’re both sick right now so we need a low-effort Spain Sunday so we can go back to loafing around and sleeping. There is nothing more low-effort than tortilla(s). Tortillas, yum. No not tortillas. Tortilla. Singular. Tortilla in Spain is something different than what you’re probably thinking. When North Americans think of tortillas they’re probably […]

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