Cadiz: Walking Through History

So a while back we posted about our adventure to Jerez (right here) and all the delicious sherry/jerez we drank (right here), and we mentioned that we took a day trip to Cadiz. Cadiz had been our original destination (with a day trip to Jerez), but we switched it around after we started looking at the […]

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Spain Sunday: Coffee Culture

America gets a lot of flak for it’s terrible coffee. The main complaint is not that the coffee is bad, only that it’s been prepared poorly. That, and the focus is on quantity and not quality. These things really go hand in hand because Americans live for drip coffee and we can’t even buy a […]

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Spain Sunday: Recycling

Americans recycle 34% of waste they create. Austria recycles 64%, and Germany 63%. South Korea recycles 49%. While  Spain only recycles 33%. (Sources)So less than any other place we’ve lived. Sadly the roads are completely covered in trash here. I’ve seen women cleaning their purses out by just throwing used tissues and receipts on the ground. […]

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Spain Sunday: The Lottery

This is our inaugural post of Spain Sunday: Learn some new sh!t about Spain every Sunday.  Spain not only has the biggest lottery but also the second oldest in the world. We were actually lucky enough to not only see it but see the biggest drawing called “El Gordo” (the fat one). I had read in […]

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