Vacation Inception: Visegrad

After spending so much time in the capital getting jostled about by tourists we decided to get out of town for a bit. We did this with more than a little apprehension. Setting aside an entire day for a day trip while on vacation is a bit risky. It’s like planning a vacation while you […]

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Welcome to Budapest

Being in Vienna is like staying over at your grandparents house – everything is calm, and orderly. The TV is always playing the history channel or the news, the music is all classical, and everything is very predictable. But then you go to Budapest, and it’s like going to your big sisters house. The channel […]

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24 Hours Home

On our last full day in Lisbon it was raining its butt off. So we only saw a couple things then went inside as we were plum soaked. What we did see was the Beer Museum. It’s 5 euros entry but includes a 2.30 beer so the entry is more like 2.70 entry. You take […]

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