As we said, we had been happy in Slovenia. So when it came time for us to leave we were less than happy. But at least we had our final destination to look forward to, Zagreb. We woke up super early to catch a bus. Our journey to Zagreb involved a bus to Ljubljana, then […]

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Austria Museum Day 3

Welt Museum This was the museum we were most excited for, and we specifically chose to come here early in the day to avoid all the crowds. This museum is best described as a “things” museum. Each room contained “things” from different cultures around the world. The biggest and baddest of these rooms was the […]

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Austria Museums Day 2

We mentioned the palaces in the last post. The most famous palace that is the must-see, hot ticket item is Schonbrunn. Even with our pass you still have to get a timed entry ticket so you have to arrive early. The problem is it’s on the outskirts of town, and the museum pass does not […]

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Austria Museums Day 1

December 25th We had already celebrated at home before we left so we spent Christmas day museum-ing. Our first stop was the Hofburg. This is but one of 62 former palaces in Vienna.  62 palaces comes out to 2.5 palaces per square mile of Vienna or 1 palace for every 260 people, if you were wondering. […]

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Our Viennese Christmas

December 23rd – Eating our way around Christmas Markets We arrived in Vienna at 2 pm (they actually call it Wien hence Wiener Schnitzel, but we’ll call it Vienna).  We’ve been in the Mediterranean for a while and were quite surprised when the sun started setting around three, since the sun doesn’t set in Mallorca […]

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