Application is In!

We have winter camp in Korea – this that while the building is completely empty, we still go to school and teach 20 kids alone. This was is usually always tricky but was even more tricky because the Spain application opened this morning.

With the time difference, 11:59pm in Spain on application day would be 8 am in Korea. So we would either need to get to school early and submit the application there (while we were supposed to be teaching), or be late to school because we submitted it at home.
Since there are only a few more months before we’re done we don’t care about being late. The problem is that we teach alone, if we were really, really late 20 kids would be just standing around waiting. The biggest problem – this is the first day of a new camp with brand new kids. So they would be standing around without a clue of what’s going on. That would be a really bad start to a new camp.

We had heard Profex could be super slow so we figured it could take 20-40 minutes (from what we read on blogs). On Friday we left all the school computers on and the lessons up/ready to go in case we were late. At 7:59 in the next morning we were refreshing our computers like crazy. I was getting so worked up I took a break and ended up forgetting to start until 8:02.

We already had a Profex account, so logging in was easy. Uploading everything was fine. The problem I had had was the option for where to teach – Andorra or Spain. I accidentally clicked Andorra and when I hit “back” it went to the beginning of the application completely deleting all the documents I had already uploaded. 
I know you can submit and upload them later but I think that’s kinda cheating. So I uploaded them all quickly and angrily and then skipped all the questions at the end (the questions about preferences about where you want to live or what age groups you want to teach).
I submitted everything at 8:06 (so about 7 minutes after it opened) and my inscrita number was 199. Chris, who didn’t make any mistakes, was nice enough to wait for me to finish my application before hitting submit. He was number 200. He could’ve just submitted earlier but we wanted to make sure we had numbers close together.

So 6 minutes after application means you’ll have a number in the hundreds- that’s pretty intense. People who were submitting hours later were already in the 1,000s. So we’re glad we risked being late for school (which we were a little) to submit.

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