How to: Start a Profex Account


When: Before January

Documents Needed: Passport

Website: Profex. Some computers see this as a threat, override it and proceed. 

To create your profex account you use your passport number as your username then create a password. You’ll get an email confirming that you’ve made an account.

After you get the email, log in and make sure everything works on your computer.

There is a massive PDF of instructions for using profex and creating an account. Print this out and keep it handy for the rest of the process.  Manual Updated 18-19

Tip: Profex will work on Chrome but not very well. Firefox or Internet Explorer will make it go faster and easier. For instance I hit “back” and it deleted everything I had done, but my husband did the same thing on Firefox and it didn’t delete everything. 



When: Before January

Documents Needed: Passport size photograph (optional)

You should create your resume (CV) and have it ready to go before the application officially opens. You absolutely need to follow the directions from the Profex Manual and fill out only what it tells you to fill out. There are multiple portions to this, so here is a quick overview.

Datos básicos ​- Basic Information

Your basic information including your name, place and date of birth, and citizenship. It recommends you upload a passport photo here. This is common in applications abroad – we’re used to including photos in applications so we chose to. If it makes you nervous, don’t include a photo and use the “no photo” file from the Aux. website.

Tip: We can’t all use photoshop. If you don’t want to use online tools, you can actually resize a photo with paint and powerpoint.
  • Find the crop tool under Format – it’s in the far right corner.
  • Below the crop tool (drop down arrow) you can use the “Aspect Ratio” to crop the photo
  • Crop it to a portrait 2:3. Then change the height and width to 4.5 by 3.5 wide.
  • Copy this photo into paint, save as a png for higher quality. 
  • It’s not perfect, but they’re not going to check it for perfection. 

Dirección permanente​​ – Permanent Address 

If you are in college, use the address you will have after you graduate (a parent’s address would be best). You enter your country, state, city, zip code, and cell phone. You can choose to enter your current address but they don’t need or care about that.

Formación académica – Academic Training 

This is information about your degree. If you are still finishing your degree there is a box you can check. You need to know your GPA to fill this bit out – I had to go look mine up as I’d forgotten it. Use a comma instead of a period so 3.33 becomes 3,33.

Experiencia docente – Teaching Experience 

If you have relevant teaching experience (teaching in a public school, private tutoring, or teaching in another setting such as after school or during the summer). You’ll need to know the name of the school and the number of students.

Experiencia No Docente – Non-Teaching Experience 

If you want to add any other experience you think is relevant. I used to be a ski instructor for 3 years – which would be relevant- but I chose not to add it because I had taught in Korea and thought that was worth more than skiing.  Basically if you think your CV is lacking feel free to add something relevant here.

Formación adicional – Other Information 

If you have a TEFL, EFL, etc certification you can add this. Other certifications that are relevant and/or study abroad experience also goes here. I found it difficult to remember the dates or exact time spent doing things. For my year-long study abroad in Germany I think I put 500 hours or something as an estimate of class time and experience. I’m not sure how to say how many hours I studied abroad.

Idiomas – Languages

Here you have to fill out your speaking, reading, listening, and writing level. You technically need to have a basic level of Spanish to join (technically). For any other languages you’ll need to know the name of your language in Spanish for the drop-down menu. For example German is alemán – find out what your language name is in Spanish here.

Otros méritos – Other Merits

The manual says “other merits you consider” I can’t think of any merits I have that are worth mentioning. If you have something you’re dying for them to know, feel free to put something here.

Curriculum: Documentos anexos Attached Documents 

Don’t put anything here. Yet.

Tip: You can upload all your documents here instead of where Profex asks you to. By skipping uploading on the day-of the application you save yourself time and thus have a lower inscrita number. You can submit the application and get your number, then go back here and put your documents. I personally didn’t do this and got number 199 but I submitted the application 6 minutes after it opened. Yikes. 

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