How to Find Your Textbooks Online

This is obviously not for folks back at home but rather for the people in the program.

I know most of us have been told to prepare material for the class but haven’t been given any of the books. This means we have no idea what the students are learning or what we can expect from them. When a teacher says “make a review game for Chapter 1” you’re going to need the book.

So instead of getting copies of all the books (which your school probably likely won’t give you), you can probably find them online.

First: Find the maker of your book

A common one is Anaya so I’m going to do a tutorial for how it works. Your own books are probably very similar.

Anya Webpage 

Vicens Vive

Second: Find the teacher’s portal

Click on that, then click Nuevo Usario

Third: Create a New Account

Enter your email (twice), create your password.

A second last name is required so I just did my full name (middle name served as my Primer apellido)

You will need your NIE or Passport number.

Then put your address and phone number.

To find your school enter the type of school (public/private) and level. Then hit Buscar centro. By entering your zip code you’ll be able to see most of the schools in your community.

Finally for Datos profesionales click all levels you teach. On the side under Materias que imparte… all the different books will pop up. Yes there are tons for all kinds of random things (chess, holidays, Catalan, etc). Scroll to the bottom to find the books in English (Social Science, Natural Science) do not click on Ciencias Natural unless you want the book in Spanish.

If your schedule is still changing or you forget to add books/levels you can add them later. Don’t worry.

The bottom part involves you clicking if your school uses the books or not.

Click Enviar. A pop up will arrive saying that they’ve received it and you’ll get an email when it’s ready.

Accessing the Books

After logging in you should be able to see all of your books.

Click on the ver libro of the book you want to see. The website will look completely different.

Go to the chapter you want and you’ll be able to see tons of audio recordings (great if you don’t want to read the chapter aloud). At the bottom there are “photocopiable resources” if you want to print a worksheet or something to go with the chapter.

This is well and great but it’s not the whole book. If you want to see the whole book go to Teacher’s Guide at the bottom, then click the chapter you want to see.

The top shows what the student’s book looks like. The bottom is all the resources for teachers including ideas for Language Assistants, answers to the questions on that page, and more English tips (effect vs affect). There should also be more worksheets to print at the end of the chapter.

Don’t forget you can screen capture the book and put it directly into powerpoint lessons. This helps the students see which page you’re working on or you can have the answers pop onto it directly.

Play around on the website as there are other resources to download or use. Hopefully this can help some people. I know I wasn’t the only one who was told “make a lesson for page 15” but wasn’t given the book. So this is the solution to that.

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