Where are we going for Christmas?

Back when we lived in Germany we would sometimes post clues as to where we were going for an upcoming vacation. Yes, yes, you can google the clues quickly but there’s no fun in that.
We’ll make the clues get progressively easier, let us know how long it took you to get it.

Clue #10
It’s the oldest country in Europe. By “country” we mean it has had the same borders basically forever.

Clue #9
It had the longest dictatorship in Europe.

Clue #8
It has the oldest bookstore in the world.

Clue #7
It was the first country to adopt the Euro for its currency (replacing their old money, the escudo).

Clue #6
It speaks the 6th most spoken language in the world (probably because of clue number 5).

Clue #5
It had the longest empire in Europe. You’ve heard “the sun never sets on Britain” because they owned everything everywhere but this country did, too -and for longer.

Clue #4
It has the most westerly point in Europe.

Clue #3
It pioneered the age of discovery and was the world’s first maritime force. People from this country sailed around the world for the first time; to parts of South America for the first time; and to parts of Africa for the first time (at least for Europeans).

Clue #2
The name of this country actually comes from the name of their second biggest city …

Clue #1
And this city has a similar name to their famous liquor, Port.

One thought on “Where are we going for Christmas?

  1. I thought about this yesterday and I am assuming its Portugal, since it’s close! Well, probably many, many hours away depending on how you’ll be traveling! Have a blast (of course, you guys always do)!!


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