Mallorca Monday: Cracker Snacks

A visitor to Mallorca usually comes expecting to eat tons of Paella, some fresh seafood, and to drink a ton of sangria. But these visitors are missing out on the second most (behind sobrasada) beloved food on the island. Crackers. Mallorca has an obsession with crackers, or galletas. These special crackers have a similar taste to […]

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Mallorca Monday: Sobrasada

You can’t talk to a Mallorquin about food without sobrasada being brought up. Every single class I have had has asked me, without fail, “Have you had sobrasada?” “Do you like sobrasada?”. It does not exists anywhere else in Spain, and it is a purely Mallorcan tradition. So here we go! Basically, it’s like a […]

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Recipe: Empanadas Mallorquinas

We decided to make our second ever Mallorcan recipe! Our first was about Sospiros, which you can check out over here. If you want to skip straight to the recipe, go straight to the bottom, but some of this requires some explanation. We also wrote a bit about the history of empanadas in Mallorca, which […]

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Mallorca Monday: Empanadas

“Empanada” is a general term you see a lot with Spanish dishes that can mean many different things. Literally, it means breaded, (or enbreaded in, surrounded by bread). So sometimes you’ll see “Pollo Empanada” on a menu, and it’s just a breaded chicken breast. We actually made this mistake in Puerto Rico, we wanted a […]

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Mallorca Monday: Sant Antoni

Manacor has just finished a whirlwind two weeks of absolutely fun nonsense. Bonfires, communal barbecue, demons dancing, and animal blessings. It’s been a mess of partying, merriment, and chanting. The Sant Antoni (Saint Anthony) festival is fairly unique to our area. Palma (the capital) has some different stuff (also related to Saint Sebastian) but it doesn’t […]

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Mallorca Monday: Christmas Foods

So you want to feast like a Mallorcan this Christmas? It’s important to realize that Mallorcan traditions differ some from Catalonian/Barcelonian traditions. The people who came over to the Balearic Islands after James the First’s conquest (back in the 1200s) were mostly from Catalonia/Valencia/Barcelona. Those people were isolated on an island so they created new […]

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