Things Get Stranger

Things just keep getting stranger. The school is already strange enough with its layout. The teachers are characters (both in a good and bad way). Also the school is half broken all the time: the internet usually doesn’t work, the toilets don’t have seats or toilet paper, half the computers are running Microsoft 2006, and … More Things Get Stranger

Observing Classes

My first week not doing my introduction lesson (as in my first week really being at proper school) was supposed to be spent observing. I was told just to observe, my coordinator said he would spread the word that I would only observe. How can I teach or plan lessons for classes I know nothing … More Observing Classes

First Day of School

I walked in and miraculously remembered the maze. Go through the principal’s area past another tricky false door and up the stairs. I borrowed my coordinator’s computer to make sure my USB worked – after running around the city looking for internet, then wasting all our data I needed to check. Everything had transferred perfectly and … More First Day of School

A Visit to the School

This was originally written September 30th and posted October 12th. After having gone to school for two weeks I’ve added updates to things that were misunderstood/have changed.  My co-teacher was initially extremely friendly over the internet. I offered to do a lot more than my responsibility with classes (foolishly, already) but asked in return that … More A Visit to the School