Problems with the School

This was a 3-part blog about all the problems I had with my school. I moved it into one big post here. I had worked as an Auxiliar in Andalucia and had minimal problems. This was after I moved to another location. If you have any questions about the Auxiliar program in Spain feel free […]

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Spring Short Stories

We do a lot of things that don’t warrant their own blog post. So here’s some short bits of what we’ve been doing. It’s been raining a lot I got sick We took a big bike ride I’ve been doing a lot of fun projects with my students The Rain in Spain Falls Softly on […]

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A Day in My Life: Tuesday

I walk to school at 10:15 which gives me not-enough-time-to-arrive-on-time. But hey, Spain. So I arrive at 10:34 almost everyday and should be there at 10:30. If I get there on time I am usually the first person in the classroom so it’s better for everyone for me to give them 5 minutes to get […]

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Things Get Stranger

Things just keep getting stranger. The school is already strange enough with its layout. The teachers are characters (both in a good and bad way). Also the school is half broken all the time: the internet usually doesn’t work, the toilets don’t have seats or toilet paper, half the computers are running Microsoft 2006, and […]

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Observing Classes

My first week not doing my introduction lesson (as in my first week really being at proper school) was supposed to be spent observing. I was told just to observe, my coordinator said he would spread the word that I would only observe. How can I teach or plan lessons for classes I know nothing […]

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Second Day of School

(I want to make a note here I’m not going to post every day of school. Just the first few days of the first week to see how much things change and how chaotic things are/were.) If you’re wondering why I had my first day of school but Chris didn’t – his school said he […]

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