Hike: Treasure and Disappointment!

Buried treasure is the epitome of adventure. We were going to have a big adventure going to see a buried treasure site, an ancient mill, and a museum that talked about aforementioned buried treasure. But losing your buried treasure – probably the epitome of disappointment. No joke, the guy who buried all his treasure never came […]

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Hike: La Grana

On May 4th Chris and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Yay! The trip to Almunecar was technically our anniversary trip, just one week early. We still wanted to do something special on our anniversary weekend, so we decided to take a hike that we’d been contemplating for a while now. Andalucia has many jaw […]

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The Alhambra

Most of our travel posts in Spain (Almeria, Tarifa, Seville) talk about how difficult it is to get from Martos to the next place. There are almost no direct buses from Martos to anywhere else. So we have to go to Jaen (minimum 45 minutes) then another minimum of 1-2 hours to our destination. Amazingly, Granada […]

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In the US, olive oil is generally a fancy oil that we pull out when we want to make Italian food or a fancy salad. If we want to fry something, we use something cheap like canola. We do this partly because olive oil is a bit expensive, and also because it has a low […]

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