Problems with the School

This was a 3-part blog about all the problems I had with my school. I moved it into one big post here. I had worked as an Auxiliar in Andalucia and had minimal problems. This was after I moved to another location. If you have any questions about the Auxiliar program in Spain feel free […]

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5 Weeks – I Know Nothing

This post has since been edited after the “Great Fallout of 2018”  I work in a completely different school than last year. My school last year was an elementary school (1st through 6th grade [6-12 years old], with about 2 classes per grade). It was also a publicly funded school. This year I’m in half […]

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Move to Spain 1: Arranging Your Move

This information is mostly pertinent to anyone in the  Auxiliaries de Conversación program or anyone moving to teach/study in Spain for at least 6 months.   Assuming you’ve at least started applying for your visa you’re ready to start preparing to move to Spain. What are your first steps? (Use the links to skip directly to where you […]

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