How to: Get a Prorroga/Stay Over the Summer

This is a post for how to get a Prorroga de Estancia (Extension of Stay) which is what you need if you want to stay in Spain over the summer/between semesters. We initially had a heck of a time getting this done as we were moving from one Autonomous Community to another. So it’s now time to impart the wisdom of what we learned the hard way.

This will work even if you’re changing your region although I’m not sure if it works for changing programs (but it should if you have the correct papers).


If you are staying in Spain/Europe over the summer (between semesters) you need to get a Prorroga. With the Auxiliar Program your TIE card was valid from October-May, the next one will also be valid from October-May so the prorroga is closing the gap between the two (May to October). From our understanding you cannot just go renew your TIE card as you wouldn’t be legal during May, June, July, August, etc.

The prorroga is basically “extending” the existing visa you’re on. Sure you have all the paperwork you need to get the next visa but it’s validity doesn’t start until October. The frustrating thing is it uses the paperwork for the upcoming year to make it legal.

Special circumstances

If you are going back to your home country over the summer you can just apply for a new visa at your home office

If you are staying in Europe but not Spain (for example traveling around Germany) you will need to do this prorroga paperwork and get a regreso.

What programs will this work with?

This will 100% work if you are staying in the same program but are changing schools/cities/provinces/autonomous communities. For example you were in Andalucia, you will stay in Spain over summer, then move to Madrid for the new school year with the Auxiliar Program.

We cannot attest that this will work when switching programs (for instance switching from university to BEDAS or BEDAS to the Ministry (Auxiliar) program. We’ve never switched programs so we can’t say if it will work – it will depend on your paperwork. See what do you need below. 

What do you need?

Online (the government website here and the police website here) say that you need different things. One says you need passport photos (you don’t) another says you need to prove the exceptional reason you need to stay. We already have some issues because two sites are saying two different things. To make it worse I’m going to say a third different thing. You don’t need most of this and need stuff they’re not even mentioning.

What you actually need*

*according to the Balearic Island’s guide to renewing; Madrid’s guide to renewing; and from our 2 experiences.

  • Application Form (EX-00) in duplicate
  • Passport
  • Copies of every page of your passport
  • Copies of your TIE card (front and back)
  • Documents showing you’re a student/studying, proof of financial means to stay in Spain, and proof of medical insurance. If you are an auxiliar this means your Carta de Nombriamento from your new school  which ticks off all three of these requirements. Best to make a couple copies of it. (If you don’t have it yet, see below)
  • Payment of the fee (about 17 Euros) you might just be billed for this later which is easier. To pay the fee go here Tasa 052 and fill out your information. Print it, then take it to the bank. You pay them and they will stamp it as paid.

If you have a Carta de Nombriamento (or your program’s equivalent) then you do not need to bring bank statements, medical insurance information, passport photos, a plane ticket or any letter or document to provide “exceptional reasons” Your carta (from your FUTURE school) has all this information on it. Technically that information is for the future and doesn’t exactly apply to you over summer but don’t tell them that. They seem to not care that you don’t have insurance/funds over the summer. So long as you have a Carta for the next year you’re a functioning person.

If you don’t have your Carta yet

Check the date your TIE card expires. You technically have 90 days after it expires to leave the country or renew (what we were told). So you can just sit and wait until you have your new Carta.

Keep in mind, however, that you must apply for the renewal within those 90 days (for example if you move to your new community at 80 days but you can’t get a renewal appointment for another 30 days you’re not legal anymore). Although I’ve heard as long as you have an appointment you’re okay. Be careful out there and if you’re seriously at 80 days make some phone calls about the carta or asking your office.

Tip: Since you’re probably not working at your old school you might not have access to a photocopier/printer anymore. Besides begging your old school -try office supply stores, stationary stores and even computer stores. If they have a sign that says “we can print” they can probably photocopy, too.

If you can’t fill out Tasa 052 

You might be billed via certified mail. Certified mail is a bit strange since you have to sign for it. You’ll need to get lucky and be at home when they buzz you – give them your passport/TIE as proof of identity and sign that you received it.

You have only 10 days to pay. But it’s worth noting this should be 10 days after you sign that you received it. For example Mallorca shipped us the bill and it arrived 6 days later (because of slow mail and the weekend). This doesn’t mean we had 4 days. It means 10 days from the day we signed for it.

Just in case, though, pay it as soon as possible.

Where do you apply?

The government website says you can apply at the

  • Immigration Office  – Oficina de Extranjería
  • Superior Headquarters – Jefatura Superior
  • Police Station – Comisaría de Policía
  • Civil Registries (Registro Civil)

Do not apply at the immigration office in Jaen. We got shouted at. You’re welcome to try, though.

We applied at a different, local office: Subdelegation of the Government (of Andalucia). This kind of office should be inside of a building named like: Subdelegacion de Gobierno de Big City. Once in this building they pointed us in the right direction.

In Mallorca we applied at the Govern de les Illes Balears: Conselleria d’Agricultura i Pesca (The office of Agriculture and Fish). Quite unorthodox but they were able to mail it officially to the correct office in Palma instead of us traveling there in person.

Basically you want to find an official government office (like a fish office) that can mail it for you. This worked both times.

You probably cannot apply in your local police station or local office if you’re in a small town. Go to the city you would usually go to for your immigration office or find an official office to mail it on your behalf.

What happens at your appointment?

They will look at everything, scan all your documents or take them. They might fax them to your future community.

They will put a fancy little sticker/stamp on your EX-00 form. This is critical. This shows you’re good to go for now. Keep this form safe until you get your “real” prorroga. This sticker is important as it shows you’ve done everything right on your end.

Timeline/What’s next

You have 90 days after your TIE card expires to apply for the prorroga. Some websites say within the first 60 days of it expiring.

If you don’t hear back within 3 months it means they have rejected your request. You will probably already be applying for your new visa but I don’t know if this will effect it.

You will get your prorroga in the mail. It’s a huge letter that says you’re legal until your next card would expire. You still need to go get the renewed card though.

Within one month of getting the prorroga, you must personally request your TIE renewal at the Foreigners Office or Police Station. Bring the prorroga with all your other, usual documents. Because all of the offices are slow we could only make an appointment within 1 month and have to personally go 3 months later (really backed up office). This was fine.

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