THIS POST WAS WRITTEN IN APRIL 2020 long before masks became mandatory and/or politicized. We are choosing to leave it the way it was (no edits/updates) to reflect what we knew (and were told) at the time.  We were all told to NOT wear masks (probably falsely). To be fair it’s easier to tell people … More Masks

Winter Short Stories

It’s that time of year again. All the things we could’ve blogged about but didn’t because it wasn’t long enough, or we were busy, or whatever. What have we been up to? What haven’t we been up to? We leave in exactly 10 days and we are not handling it very well. Our days are spent skulking … More Winter Short Stories

Brexit 2: 3 Years Summarized in 2000 Words

Many people have asked us about Brexit and we’ve kept our mouths shut until now. We’ve tried to make this understandable to our American family and friend readers, as well as talk about how this will affect Mallorca (which sees 3.7 million British tourists every year).  A note: parliament is the building which houses two, … More Brexit 2: 3 Years Summarized in 2000 Words