Winter Short Stories

It’s that time of year again. All the things we could’ve blogged about but didn’t because it wasn’t long enough, or we were busy, or whatever. What have we been up to? What haven’t we been up to? We leave in exactly 10 days and we are not handling it very well. Our days are spent skulking […]

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Spain Sunday: Christopher Columbus

Saturday was “Hispanidad (Hispanic) Day” Dia de la Hispanidad. Aka the National Day of Spain AKA Day Christopher Columbus’s Arrival in Americas Day. That’s right, while Americans have Monday off for Columbus Day, Spain has no day off because they always celebrate it on October 12th. While America uses the second Monday in October Spain […]

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The Great Spanish Beer Taste Test

The perfect answer to a Spanish summer is a Spanish lager, but after nearly two years of living here, Kwe still aren’t sure which we prefer. There are so many brands and styles available that it’s difficult to keep track of what we’ve already tried and which we prefer. So mainly to help ourselves, and […]

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Spain Sunday: Basque Country

We just got back from 11 days in the northernmost part of Spain known as País Vasco (in pink) AKA, Basque country. This is a different place. Like really different (and I’mma bout to tell you why). This is like the Ireland post where we just feel like we should lay out all the facts […]

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Capdepera Medieval Festival

A few weeks back we decided to take a bus up to a small town named Capdepera to see their Medieval Festival. I had never been to a Medieval festival so I didn’t know what to expect. Chris had been to the one near Denver, so he was super excited. We knew ahead of time […]

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Spain’s Best Music Genres

Whether you are living in or just visiting a foreign country I think that it’s always worth getting to know some of the local music. It’s a great way to immerse yourself, and you will always think of your time abroad when you hear those songs again. I also recommend listening to music whenever you […]

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Mallorca Monday: Brexit 1

Many people have asked us about Brexit and we’ve kept our mouths shut until now. We’ve read a lot, watched a lot, talked with people and watched the parliament in action. We’re finally ready to talk about Brexit to our American family and friend readers, as well as talk about how this will affect Mallorca […]

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