Recipe: Empanadas Mallorquinas

We decided to make our second ever Mallorcan recipe! Our first was about Sospiros, which you can check out over here. If you want to skip straight to the recipe, go straight to the bottom, but some of this requires some explanation. We also wrote a bit about the history of empanadas in Mallorca, which […]

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Move to Spain 1: Arranging Your Move

This information is mostly pertinent to anyone in the  Auxiliaries de Conversación program or anyone moving to teach/study in Spain for at least 6 months.   Assuming you’ve at least started applying for your visa you’re ready to start preparing to move to Spain. What are your first steps? (Use the links to skip directly to where you […]

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How To: Apply for a Visa (Generally)

Every consulate is different. I’m going to say that again because everyone gets confused and panics or prepares the wrong documents so one more time with feeling Every. Consulate. Is. Different. But at first everyone will have to do the same things.  Find Your Consulate There will probably not be a consulate in your state […]

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