How To: Do Application Day Like a Pro

You should have your Profex account made and ready to go before application day. 

When is Application Day?

The first week of January.  Ideally you are ready the minute it opens- which should be 11:59 (so midnight on the day the website says it opens). I applied 6 minutes after it opened and was number 199. People applying an hour later were almost in the 1,000s. So be ready.  Check the website then enter your time in a time zone converter.
Tip: Do NOT forget to convert the day and the time – Thursday for Spain may not be Thursday for you.
Hopefully you have all your documents ready to go. If you don’t you can still apply and make it work (more on this later).

Refresh the heck outta that page

Be ready. When it opens go to the  Auxiliares de conversación extranjeros en España.
You’re creating a new account so you click on Nueva Solicitud. Those who are renewing do not click this one.


Technically the first thing you’ll be doing is uploading your PDF scans of your passport, degree/transcript, letter of intent (cover letter) and letter of recommendation.
Tip: Some people skip this…

  • If Profex is being slow.
  • If you want to get a lower number.
  • If you don’t have one/some/all of the documents ready/scanned.

Then you can skip uploading them. You have to click them still. So click 1,2,3,4,5 and then hit next.
But where do my documents go?
You can upload them after you submit the application and get the inscrita number. When you’re finished go back to your CV and upload them under the Documentos Anexos.


Skip this.

Ideal Destination

2017 was the first time Andorra appeared on this part. As no one is sure (as of January 2017) what all this means – leave Andorra alone. Click on España then you’ll have a chance to choose your preferred location.

It has many regions that are NOT part of the Aux. Program. The Profex website is used by local as well as world-wide teachers. So it has information for everyone.
Note that if you mark Castile La Mancha, Valencia, Catalonia, Navarre, Cantabria, or the Canary Islands you’re wasting your choices. As of 2017 these regions are not available.

Tip: You can only choose one region per column so you can’t say Andalucia and Madrid. ​

Other Information

You now have to answer

  • What language do you want to teach?
  • Do you have any other skills (science) you could teach?
  • Do you have anyone coming with you? Couples or friends applying as well – here is your chance to indicate each other.
  • Did that person also apply? For example you’re going together vs a trailing spouse or children you’re bringing.
  • What center/type of school is your ideal choice? (young kids, elementary, middle, high, or a special center).
  • What size of community would you like to live in? (a big city/urban area, a small village/rural area).
  • Is there anything else you would like to note on your application? Now is your chance to write something if you need to. The example sheet shows someone who is reapplying talking about not having a car and they want to move somewhere they won’t need a car. If you’re bringing children or a trailing spouse you might want to mention it here.  ​​


You are now INSCRITA

You now have your registration number (código solicitude). The numbers at the end are your numbers. For instance mine is 17_2AXC000199. Therefore my number is 199.
Tip: Check for the Auxiliares de Conversación en España 20XX-20XX page someone has inevitably made on Facebook to compare numbers and get up to date information. Most of these Facebook pages will make a drive document for you to compare what kind of numbers got placements.  2016-2017 Drive and here is the 2017-2018 Drive.

Mail Time

Why send this out the same day? In 2017 they changed their requirements a lot by saying your inscrita number mattered less than the order they received your documents. They ended up changing this back and forth. Just in case, get those documents in immediately.

You need to send 2 (two!) things to your regional coordinator.

We were worried we needed to send everything – after going through all that work of gathering documents it seemed like a shame not to send it all. All those papers are only needed as PDFs online (either in the application or under the Documentos Anexos).
So DON’T send those. You don’t need to!

You only need to send
1) The PDF printout of your application SIGNED. SIGN IT DON’T FORGET TO SIGN IT.
En _________ a ________ de ___________2017
En (location) a (day of the week) de (month) 2017
Then sign it!
2) The checklist. You only have to check everything then put your initials on everything. If you are not from New York write N/A. If you are not a European citizen – don’t check it and write N/A.
Check which language is your native one. Then sign it.

Send these things together in the same packet to your regional coordinator.

Check the checklist

We sent our documents together. One of the FAQ sheets said to indicate that you are applying together and want to be placed together.
Since we were sending our documents from South Korea (and it was over $20 to send them) we put our papers together and sent them in one big packet.
We included a cover letter with both of our names saying we wished to be placed together and that we had enclosed all of our documents.
We also included a big bright sticky note separating our documents.

What happened was Chris was registrada then immediately admitada. And I was nothing. The working hours for our coordinator was only from 8-noon each day. He must have submitted Chris’s at noon on Friday then went home. So I spent the whole weekend wondering if I had done something wrong. Then on Monday I still hadn’t changed statuses. So I sent an email asking if our documents had been separated (or hopefully not thrown away). He immediately changed my status and sent me an email saying “no worries!”I would recommend putting your documents together –but check – if one of you changes and the other doesn’t then email them. It wouldn’t surprise me if they thought Chris had sent extra documents so they didn’t check that there was a second person’s in there.


At this point you’ve done everything you can for the time being. Now it’s time to wait for a while.

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