How to Renew as an Auxiliares de Conversación

So you want to renew with the Auxiliar program? Hopefully this guide can help. If you are having problems logging in or getting through Profex try here. 

This has been Updated for 2020 as of Jan. 28th. Check for pink to see changes and may the Profex odds be in your favor.

#1 Check Your Profex

Sometime before the first week of January (almost always when the application period opens) although the 2020 APPLICATION WILL BE JANUARY 30th login to your profex. This is just to make sure

a) You can still log-in (you know your password and username).

b) Your internet browser doesn’t reject Profex as a malicious website (this happens a lot – there should be a link at the bottom to override it. Or try a different browser)

c) You remember how to navigate Profex. If you’re like most people you haven’t been on Profex since you applied last time. Make sure you know where you’ll be going at midnight when the program opens. (Auxiliares de Conversación then from the drop down options choose Presentación Solicitudes)

d) All of your CV information is up to date. They don’t read it but if something huge (like your last name) has changed then edit it under the Curriculum bar.

Note you cannot change your passport number on Profex. Once it is in, it’s in. So if you need to change your passport number you have to create a new Profex account then email profex support profex.soporte[at] or more recently miguel(dot)gonzalezs{at}mecd(dot)es to ask them to merge your old and new account. Don’t wait for them to do this, go ahead and renew at midnight and deal with the profex merger later. Don’t worry about it. 

#2 Gather Required Documents

To renew you don’t need all the crazy things you needed as a first year applicant.

To renew you will only need:

a) The first page of your passport (photo page) scanned and saved as a PDF (you should have this from last year).

b) Your letter of intent written in Spanish. No more than 300 words (although this changes and different sources say up to 250 words). Many people think they don’t read these. Some people claim they’ve done it in English every year and have never gotten caught. Do what you want with this letter but maybe don’t get too cheeky.

c) Your informe from your school. You can find it on the MECD website (it updates yearly and is a total disaster in 2019). Find it here (will download automatically).  Or go here and Ctrl + F to find Informe. Print it out. Get your principal to sign and stamp it. Then scan it (or use an app like CamScanner) to turn in into a PDF. If you work at 2 schools get both of them to fill it out and make it 1 pdf.

If you cannot get these documents in time for the application apply at midnight (check the boxes) and just upload them later under Documentos Annexos (Under Curriculum).

#2.5 Think

Before the application opens get a beer or a tea and think. Most of the renewal involves answering the big question: stay or go? You can renew at your school, in your same area but not the same school, or you can change to an entirely different area.

Note that Andalucía, Madrid and the Baleric Islands have renewal limits (2-3 years) so check that your region will allow you to stay.  (search Elección de Comunidad Autónoma)

It’s time to do some soul searching on where you want to go. Unlike the first year you will not be asked about city size preferences. So only consider which region you would like to go to.

I forgot to star Andalucia which has basically never paid anyone on time. Sorry.

The ones crossed off in red (only lightly crossed out as things change) are unavailable sometimes or for many people.  Last time? Next year? No one knows.

The ones with an orange star are troublemakers notorious for dropping in or out wildly or having severe payment problems. I did forget to put a star by Andalucia who never pays anyone on time. But you get used to it and you do get paid eventually.

Some regions get in or out of the program based on budget so check (find “Elección de Comunidad Autónoma”). In the case of Valencia they just made their own program that started in January instead of October. Things be crazy.

Remember you can only select one region from each group so you can’t say Andalusia and Madrid are your top 2 choices since they’re in the same group.

If you pick the wrong community (the budget failed and you didn’t know) they will often let you email them and tell them your real top choices after the fact. If you make a mistake email profex support – it can’t hurt to ask.

#3 Wait at 11:59 pm

Multiple places say the application opens at 11:59 while others say 00:01. So either way you want to be at your computer at this web page at 11:59. Updated: Application Day for 2019 will be January 10th. Updated: Application Day for 2019 will be January 30th (aka you should be at your computer on January 29th at 11:50 pm getting ready) . Late this year – maybe after last year’s debacle they changed it to later? 

You want to refresh this page until “2020– Auxiliares de…” shows up.

Don’t log into profex yet as you’re waiting for the new 2020 link, not the Mantenimiento del CV. When the link for the new year arrives click that, then login.

#4 Click Renovación Solicitud

You absolutely must use the drop-down menu to select the upcoming year or else the renovación solicitud button will not even be an option. You absolutely must click  renovación solicitud!

If you click Nueva Solicitud then you risk applying as a 1st year all over again. So pay attention and click Renovación.

If you accidentally click Nueva Solicitud then you will need to email or call them (915 065 640). They will delete your new submission and you will have to apply again later with a much higher inscrita number.

#5 Click all the Boxes

If you think back to when you first applied you had to upload all those documents and click a box saying they were uploaded. This is the same thing but is only for the 3 things.

Box 1: Haber ocupado una plaza de auxiliar de conversación en españa durante el curso 20XX-20XX?

Have you been a Auxiliar for the past year? Click the box.

Box 2: Tener nacionalidad alemana, austriaca … estadounidense? Adjuntar en esee apartado copia escaneada de la pagina del passporte donde aparecen los antos persnales y la fotografia.

Are you a German, Austrian, etc, etc … American? Upload the first page of your passport (the page with your picture and name) here. Then click this box.

Box 3: Presentar carta de motivación de no más de 300 palabras adjunta aqui el documento en el que dealle sus motivos para solicitude.

Upload your letter of motivation with no more than 300 words documenting what your motivation is for renewing. Note it doesn’t say signed, scanned, or dated while the 1st years one does. Click the box.

Box 4: Presentar informe del centro de trabajo 

Upload your informe from your school. Click the box.

As stated above: If you cannot get these documents in time for the application just click all the boxes saying you have uploaded them. Then later upload them later under Documentos Annexos (Under Curriculum).

Click Siguiente to go to the next page.

#6 Choose your region

Click España, obviously, don’t check Andorra.

You will be brought to the region selections which we detailed pretty thoroughly above under #2.5.

It bears repeating that some regions are not available to some people and that some regions will not allow you to renew more than 2-3 years (consecutive or not). So hopefully you checked things out.

If you mess this up you can always email them and ask to change your preferences.

#7 Answer the questions

A. ¿Que idioma desca enseñar?

What language do you teach. Click your language (English or French).

B.  ¿Solicita la renovación por primera vez?

Is this your first time renewing? Click yes or no. (if 2020-2021 will be your 2nd year then it is your first time renewing)

C.  Indique el tipo de renovación que solicita para el curso XX-XX

Basically how many times have you renewed (once if this is your first time renewing).

D. ¿Desea permanecer en el mismo centro el próximo curso?

Do you want to stay at the same school next year? Yes or No.

E. ¿Deben permanecer en la misma ciudad o Comunidad Autónoma pero no necesariamente en el mismo centro? En el caso de que desee cambiar de provincia localidad o centro indique sus preferencias en el apado H. 

Do you want to stay in the same city or autonomous community but not the same center? If you want to change the province, location or center indicate this in part H. Yes or No. Then consider adding information under part H.

F. Reseñar centro, localidad y comunidad autónoma de destino actual.

Write where you are currently teaching.

G. ¿Desea cambiar de comunidad autónoma?

Do you want to change your autonomous community (or city?) Yes or No.

H. Información adicional que puede ser relevante para la adjudicación de destino o el despeño de sus funciones … 

Write any additional relevant information here. It gives examples like physical problems but this is a good place to write anything you need them to know. For instance if you want a certain area because of a spouse/partner, etc.

Click Inscribir Solicitud when you’re finished.

#8 Check your inscrita number

You should be back to this page where at the very bottom you can see your information.

I’ve blurred mine out because hey, why not. But the last 4 digits are your inscrita number.

#9 Mail Time

While the 2018 application changed for first years (they don’t have to mail anything, only email) us renewals still have to mail it in (unless you’re Madrid, I believe).

You have until the application deadline (usually April) April 15th 2020 (but “preferential renewals” March 9th, 2020) to mail it. The sooner they get it the sooner your inscrita will change to admitida.

March 30th is the deadline only if you’re from from Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Morocco, Portugal or Tunisia

Next to your profex number there is a PDF icon. Click it and print it.

Mail it to

Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación Extranjeros
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Subdirección General de Promoción Exterior Educativa
Paseo del Prado, 28, 3ª planta
28014 Madrid

Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional

Subdirección General de Cooperación Internacional y Promoción Exterior Educativa

Programa de Auxiliares de Conversación Extranjeros en España

Paseo del Prado, 28, 3ª planta

28014 Madrid

Email de contacto:

If you are staying in your region add at the bottom:

A la atención de Victoria Hernández
Email de contacto:

If you are changing regions and you are from USA/Canada/Australia/New Zealand etc add at the bottom:

A la atención de Itziar Alberdi
Email de contacto

If you are changing regions and you’re from Ireland use the Victoria Hernández one. Go figure.

If you don’t work for the ministry you will need to mail and email your respective community. 

#10 Wait and accept

Wait the months and months until you’re placed. Don’t forget to accept placement within 3 days.

2 thoughts on “How to Renew as an Auxiliares de Conversación

  1. I’m confused about something, do I need to leave Spain to renew it? Or do I leave after I renew it and then return on the start date? Or can i stay in Spain on a visa? This is the answer i have been looking for literally everywhere but could not find an answer.


    1. To renew with the auxiliars program you have to apply online (Profex) at the beginning of January (which means you would still be in Spain teaching). You apply around midnight on January 9th or so (the date changes). Then you keep working with your school until May.

      For renewing your visa you can go back to your home country to get a new visa (with all the same old paperwork you needed for your first one). Or you can stay in Spain with a prorroga de estancia information about that here. After you have the prorroga (extension of stay) you’ll be able to renew the TIE card after the next school year starts. So you can choose to go home or not over the summer. Hope that helps!


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