Learn About Spain

Every Sunday we try to post something new about Spain. It can be about anything we want to know more about or anything we found interesting.

The Reconquista Why Spain is the way it is.

Olives Largest producer in the world.

The Lottery The World’s Largest Lottery involves a lot of singing.

Recycling  Why is Spain the worst when it’s so easy?

Names Why does everyone have 2 last names?

Pizza Beer, nutella pizza, movies and other things you can get with your delivery.



Peace Day How much peace are they really promoting when there is another international day?

Andalucia Day The history of the autonomous community of Andalucia


History of the Alhambra Spain’s most famous sight with a long history

Guns What does gun control look like here?

Nutrition and Health The Mediterranean diet and what they teach in school


 Do modern Spaniards even like it?

Eating in Spain
 What times does everyone eat? What are  tapas?

Tortilla vs Tortilla 2 Spanish speaking countries, 2 different tortillas. Who was first?

Wine The largest producer of wine and yet not famous for it

Lisps and Andaluz Why do people talk like that?

Garum Once the world’s most popular sauce that you’ve never heard of

The Balearic Islands Facts about our future home

Siesta Is mid-day nap-time that good for a country?

Cursive Why do kids in Spain learn cursive first? Is it better?

GDPR Europe’s new online privacy law

The Flag (and Pillars of Hercules) What does the flag mean and what are the pillars? Is there really a 3rd pillar in our hometown, Martos?