Winter Short Stories

It’s that time of year again. All the things we could’ve blogged about but didn’t because it wasn’t long enough, or we were busy, or whatever. What have we been up to? What haven’t we been up to? We leave in exactly 10 days and we are not handling it very well. Our days are spent skulking […]

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Capdepera Medieval Festival

A few weeks back we decided to take a bus up to a small town named Capdepera to see their Medieval Festival. I had never been to a Medieval festival so I didn’t know what to expect. Chris had been to the one near Denver, so he was super excited. We knew ahead of time […]

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Recipe: Empanadas Mallorquinas

We decided to make our second ever Mallorcan recipe! Our first was about Sospiros, which you can check out over here. If you want to skip straight to the recipe, go straight to the bottom, but some of this requires some explanation. We also wrote a bit about the history of empanadas in Mallorca, which […]

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Our Sant Antoni Festival

We just blogged about the who’s, what’s and why’s of Sant Antoni. But we wanted to talk about our personal experiences with the big Sant Antoni festival. As we said it was a whirlwind two weeks of absolutely fun nonsense. We tried to go to as many bonfires, communal barbecues, demon dances, and animal blessings […]

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Mallorca Monday: Sant Antoni

Manacor has just finished a whirlwind two weeks of absolutely fun nonsense. Bonfires, communal barbecue, demons dancing, and animal blessings. It’s been a mess of partying, merriment, and chanting. The Sant Antoni (Saint Anthony) festival is fairly unique to our area. Palma (the capital) has some different stuff (also related to Saint Sebastian) but it doesn’t […]

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Mallorca Monday: Windmills

If you ever go to Mallorca the first thing you’ll see when you look down from the plane are windmills. When you take a bus or taxi from the airport you’ll see about a million more windmills. When you google “Why does Mallorca” it autocompletes “have so many windmills?” So we’re here to answer that […]

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