I consider hand turkeys to be the one thing I can 100% say is American. People always say oh hamburgers or pizza but those are German and Italian. The saying goes “more American than apple pie” but apple pie actually comes from England. Baseball? Sure we did invent that one but it’s only America’s third … More Thanksgiving

Hello Balearics!

Goodbye Andalucia … Hello Balearics It’s been a whirlwind of activity since we arrived. Hell it was a whirlwind of activity just to leave. Those are for other posts written across other days. For now, here is a compilation of some of the smaller adventures and experiences that we have had. Some first impressions: It’s … More Hello Balearics!

Goodbye Andalucia…

I wrote this with 3 days until we leave Andalucia. But it’s scheduled to post as we’re on our flight to Mallorca. As of this moment we have left Andalucia and are on our way to more, different adventures. Keep in mind that we probably won’t have a steady internet connection for the next month … More Goodbye Andalucia…

Andalucian Road Trip: Day 4 – 18 Miles and 18 Waterfalls

The only thing we really wanted to do in Cazorla National Park was hike a very famous trail “Rio Borosa.” Everyone’s pictures look like this: Beautiful, clear water with a winding old wooden path alongside of it. It’s not a very long path and most people just use it for the swimming holes. No matter … More Andalucian Road Trip: Day 4 – 18 Miles and 18 Waterfalls