Spain Sunday: Jerez, AKA Xeres, AKA Sherry, and some cocktail recipes.

While I am sure that most everybody has heard of Jerez/Xeres/Sherry, I doubt everyone knows what it exactly is. I don’t blame you if you have never had it. It’s a fancy and complicated drink that probably costs an arm and a leg outside of Spain. Simply put, its an alcoholic drink made from grapes … More Spain Sunday: Jerez, AKA Xeres, AKA Sherry, and some cocktail recipes.

Spain Sunday: Spain and America’s War for Independence

The 4th of July has come and gone, and this post is a bit late. But since it’s still July, and you might still have that patriotic fervor, here is a little history that not many Americans know. Now, we like to think of the Revolutionary war consisting of a gritty, yet well dressed American … More Spain Sunday: Spain and America’s War for Independence

Spain Sunday: Basic Spanish Etymology

Etymology is the study of the history of words. The etymology of ‘etymology’ is that it was a Middle English word via Latin from Greek etumologia. This is really typical for English – a mix of Middle English (basically German), Greek and Latin. In the 15th century we just started shoveling French into English to sound more sophisticated … More Spain Sunday: Basic Spanish Etymology

Spain Sunday: GDPR

We missed last week’s Spain Sunday and we will miss next Sunday. So here is a long post about something that recently occurred in Europe. This is a crash course to the internet and how it just changed. I think it is pretty interesting and worth understanding since you probably don’t understand the internet generally. … More Spain Sunday: GDPR

Spain Sunday: Cursive

Something interesting about Spain that I hadn’t known until I got here was that the children learn to write in cursive before print. This is opposite than the USA where we learned to print our letters until about 4th grade. Then we learned cursive and were told we would use cursive for the rest of … More Spain Sunday: Cursive

Spain Sunday: Siesta

Siesta – literally “nap” is a time in the afternoon from about 2-5 where things shut down and people go inside. You’re probably thinking everyone really does go inside and sleep and that every business in town are closed. But not everyone goes to sleep and not every business is closed. Siesta is really weird. … More Spain Sunday: Siesta