Spain Sunday: Garum

We missed last weeks Spain Sunday since we were in Almunecar. While we were there we saw an ancient Roman Garum Factory. What better subject could we write about this week? Garum used to be one of the biggest-deal things you’ve never heard of.  Everyone ate it, it was the thing 2,100 years ago. Originally … More Spain Sunday: Garum

Spain Sunday: Wine

Sure a lot of posts have been about food lately (Eating, Tortilla Nutrition and a recipe). But whatever, we’re doing a drink this time. Doesn’t count. Ten countries in the world account for 2/3rds of the whole world’s wine consumption. Spain is number 8 on that list with a whopping 10 million hectoliters (hl) of wine (1.3 … More Spain Sunday: Wine

Spain Sunday: Tortilla vs Tortilla

We’re both sick right now so we need a low-effort Spain Sunday so we can go back to loafing around and sleeping. There is nothing more low-effort than tortilla(s). Tortillas, yum. No not tortillas. Tortilla. Singular. Tortilla in Spain is something different than what you’re probably thinking. When North Americans think of tortillas they’re probably … More Spain Sunday: Tortilla vs Tortilla

Spain Sunday: Guns

Sorry for the delay on the Spain Sunday but we were out and about doing some investigative journalism (we went to a gun store! More on that later). Since last month we’ve been getting some questions from folks at home about gun control in Spain. So we found out.   Guns in Spain Greetings from … More Spain Sunday: Guns