Mallorca Monday: How the Balearic Islands Were Formed

Hawaii is made from underwater volcanoes Come with us 250 million years ago to the Triassic Period (just before your favorite period – the Jurassic one, you know, the one with all the dinosaurs). Mammals looked like this: And the world looked like this:   You may be familiar with Pangea (when everything was one … More Mallorca Monday: How the Balearic Islands Were Formed

Visiting Alcudia

Two weekends ago was important for two reasons. First, it was my birthday. Second, it was a national holiday in Spain. And because those two events coincided just perfectly, we decided that we needed to do something special to take advantage of it. We both really wanted to go for a hike, so we did … More Visiting Alcudia


I consider hand turkeys to be the one thing I can 100% say is American. People always say oh hamburgers or pizza but those are German and Italian. The saying goes “more American than apple pie” but apple pie actually comes from England. Baseball? Sure we did invent that one but it’s only America’s third … More Thanksgiving